We love giving away stuff! This year we had a variety of different contests leading up to Kidsfest and we would like to thank everyone who entered!

We Love Al Simmons Contest

The winning school of 48 tickets to Kidsfest, free bussing and a Meet & Greet with Al Simmons hasn’t been announced yet but they will be hanging out with Al at his Friday show so make sure to say congratulations!

Colour Your World Art Contest

presented by The Manitoba Dental Association Invited art program participants from the Robert A. Steen, Isaac Brock, Clifton and Orioles community centres competed to win an exclusive concert with Hilby the Skinny German Juggle Boy.

Kidsfest Colouring Contest

Open to all kids from brand new to the age of 10. Winners are announced at our Opening Ceremonies so best of luck!!!

ColouringDownload to colour!


Original Art Contest (Make sure to enter before May deadline)

Thanks to the Manitoba Dental Association for sponsoring this contest.

Original Art ContestContest Brochure

Just for Fun!

Cut-out blocksCut out Cards Cut-out DanglesCut out Dangles