Flyin’ Bob

Red Deer

Back by popular demand is the one and only Flyin’ Bob! A one-of-a-kind comedian not to be missed!

Gustavo The Impossibilist


Gustavo is long-time fool festival fave and self-proclaimed professional idiot. Stilt walker, escape artist & beloved nutter for the ages!

The Street Circus Show


Daniel & Kim Craig have been wowing audiences around the world with their amazing acrobatics and outstanding feats of circus strength!

Mike “Slightly” Battie


Mike is a side-splitting comic juggler, unicyclist and renaissance man. See his show and you’ll never look at broccoli the same again.

Lee Zimmerman


Lee is an award-winning rock and roll marionette artist – One show only!

The Silly People


Phil Leconte & Colin Franks are The Silly People, a talented duo who use yo-yos, Diabolos and more to create a fun-filled one-of-a-kind silly fest!

Robin Chestnut


Robin is a two-time Canadian Juggling Champion and he’s quick with a joke as he is keeping 7 balls in the air!

Ron Pearson


Ron is a renowned comic magician and master of sleight-of-hand – prepare to be amazed!

Mr. Mark


Mr. Mark is returning to his home town to once again wow audiences with his kooky blend of drumming, hilarious songs and, of course, beware the buckets!

The Teakle Family Circus


The delightful Teakles will not only be offering circus workshops for kids between shows but showing off their own skills in their crazy popular FOF shows!