From: West Africa

Performing at: The Big Top

Thursday, June 7th  10:00 am   
Friday, June 8th  11:30 am
Saturday, June 9th 11:00 am and 4:15 pm
Sunday, June 10th  3:15 pm

Feel the explosion of energy when Masabo hits the stage! This dynamic ensemble of hereditary West African master musicians and dancers fills the air with soaring melodies and driving rhythms as the ancient arts of West Africa are brought to life. Led by renowned Fana Soro, the performance is a feast of traditional songs, stories, athletic dance and absolutely stunning musicianship.

Please note that on Thursday this show is part of the “Journée franco-fun Day” and the show will be performed completely in French.

jeudi 7 juin  10h
vendredi 8 juin  11h30
samedi 9 juin  11h et 16h15
dimanche  10 juin 15h15

Ressentez l’explosion d’énergie lorsque Masabo s’empare de la scène!

Veuillez noter que jeudi, ce spectacle fait parti de la « Journée franco-fun Day » et sera présenté entièrement en français.

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