Circus And Magic Partnership

What is C.A.M.P.?

A multi-phase, community-based program that provides training in the circus arts, mentorship opportunities and self-esteem boosting experiences for Manitoba youth-at-risk. While the majority of crime prevention and intervention programs are sports based, this program was created in response to the vast numbers of kids left on the sidelines; for those kids either picked last or not chosen at all; and those that simply have never been given the chance to explore their unique individual potential to be successful in a group environment.

The program took its inspiration from both The Cirque du Soleil’s groundbreaking “Cirque du Monde” program and the Barcelona based Payasos Sin Fronteras (Clowns Without Borders). The Manitoba-based programs were created to address the needs of our own economically and socially disadvantaged youth.

What does the C.A.M.P. Program Include?

A three-phase program based in Winnipeg that gives inner city youth-at- risk the opportunity to fly on a trapeze, walk a tight wire, ride a unicycle and perform for their family, friends and the general public. The program not only teaches alternative artistic disciplines, it demonstrates and demands important social skills including working in a team environment, respect for others and cooperation. While the program is by design “results-based”, it also recognizes that success can only be achieved through youth working together and supporting each other.

A rural outreach program to a different remote Northern Manitoba Community each year. This program has been presented in Cranberry Portage, Moose Lake, Pine Creek, Norway House, Cross Lake, Wabowden, Opasquiak Cree Nation (The Pas), Leaf Rapids, Fairford, Grand Rapids, Gillam, Berens River, Lynn Lake and Flin Flon. In addition to participants from the host community, youth from neighbouring reserves, band communities and northern towns are bussed and flown in to participate. 

Who Benefits?

  • Over 100 youth-at-risk each year in the Winnipeg based program!
  • Up to 100 Northern youth each year in the remote touring program!
  • All Canadians who believe in providing opportunities for youth and who recognize the benefits of engaging youth who might otherwise be at risk in engaging in anti-social, self-destructive or criminal activities.