Dress For The Fest

The show must go on! Rain or shine, and in Winnipeg, sometimes we have both! Performances at the Festival will continue throughout all types of weather, so here are some tips to help you be prepared for anything.



Cover your noggin:
Wear a hat! There should be also be plenty of shade as most activities and performances take place under tents.

Don’t feel the burn:
Wear sunscreen. Sunscreen recommended for everyone in your family.

Stay hydrated:
Remember to drink plenty of liquids. Remember to bring your canteen or water bottle to take advantage of the free drinking water.

Beware the legendary mosquitoes:
Keep your repellent close at hand just in case.

Wear light colours:
The lighter shades attract less sunlight and hold less heat, keeping you nice and cool.

Keep comfortable:
Bring a nice cozy blanket for your group to sit on.


Gear up:
Bring your rain jacket, rubber boots, umbrella, and warm clothing just in case.

Stay dry:
Bring a tarp or plastic garbage bags for your group to sit on.

Don’t be afraid to come out in the rain:
Don’t hesitate to come out to the Festival, as most of the activities and performances will be held under the protective shelter of the tents, or indoors at MTYP!