Thursday, June 9th 9:30am – 2:00pm
Friday, June 10th 9:30am – 2:00pm
Saturday, June 11th 10:00am – 4:30pm
Sunday, June 12th 10:00am – 4:30pm 

2017 Canada Summer Games (Thursday Only)

The 50th anniversary of the Canada Games will be in Winnipeg next year. Athletes from across the country will run, row, jump, throw, pedal, kick and swim to bring the Canada Games flag back to their home province.Drop by to say hi to our mascot, visit our selfie photobooth, enjoy some baseball related activities and receive a present. |


233-ALLO (Thursday Only)

Venez vous amuser en français! Bricolez un drapeau franco-manitobain que vous pouvez ramener à la maison.

Come and have fun en français! Kids get to colour and craft a franco-manitoban flag while learning French words.


The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Manitoba (Friday Only)

Engineering Friday includes a variety of engineering and geoscience related activities for children including the opportunity to build a structure of gum-drops, build and test the strength of a straw-bridge and other educational and fun activities.


Balloon Booth

Up, up and away in a beautiful balloon! Or at least pretend to be since your balloon will be attached to you so you both don’t fly away. Saturday Sponsored by Manitoba Dentists. Sunday sponsored by Molly Maid. Balloons are limited so please make sure to get yours early in the day.


Bling Fling

You can’t go wrong with a styling necklace. Personalize your own unique piece of jewellry and be the envy of all.


Block Parents (Saturday and Sunday Only)

The Block Parent® Program introduced in 1975 was the first Community Safety Program available to residents. The Block Parent® Program hasn’t changed over the years and it remains as a Community Safety Program that people can participate in as time allows and not be burdened by meetings. We are part of the Block Parent® Program of Canada and Manitoba using the same window signs and the same operating standards. The Winnipeg Police Service, who conducts our Police checks, are also on our Board as our advisors. We have newly designed Block Parent® signs that are replacing all existing signs in the city. In Winnipeg we have around 2,500 dedicated Block Parent® volunteer homes. Becoming a Block Parent® will not disrupt a busy family schedule. Even if you can only display your sign for a few hours a week – that is still helpful. This is a program that is SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE and FREE.
Call: 284-7562


Bricks4Kidz Winnipeg / Sew Fun Studios / The Creativity Lab

At Bricks 4 Kidz we offer LEGO-based day camps, workshops, parties and more at various locations around Winnipeg & the surrounding area. Come join us for some hands-on building fun as we learn, build & play the Bricks 4 Kidz way!

At Sew Fun Studios we teach kids the art of sewing & design in a fun and engaging way through day camps, workshops, parties and more. Our goal is to celebrate sewing as a contemporary, relevant and creative activity for kids of all ages. Join us to try out some basic sewing skills and find out why it is 'sew' much fun to make cool things!


Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre

Learn about the sea monsters that lived in Manitoba during the late Cretaceous period. Play the dino-toss game or reconstruct 3-D wooden dinosaur skeleton puzzles. Discover the excitement of digging for fossils in a specially constructed dig box. You can also examine real fossils and images from the past and explore pre-historic times with an educational activity booklet - free for everyone!


Chain of Fools

Make garlands and decorate the fences, trees and yourself!


Chalk It Up

Decorate the giant chalk boards or the cobblestones with your artistic creations!


Circus and Magic Partnership (C.A.M.P.)

A community-based initiative of the Winnipeg International Children’s Festival “Under the Big Top” - C.A.M.P. participants perform alongside the returning C.A.M.P. artist/instructors and help lead public workshops in circus and magic skills.


City of Winnipeg, Recreational Services (Thursday, Friday and Sunday Only)

Join us for a variety of activities including a relay/obstacle course, specialty sports, carnival games, tug of war and more!!


Colourful Creations

A creative painting outlet for everyone. Never too early to express your inner artist.


Crash, Clang & Rattle

Make some noise! Everything is an instrument – just play!


Embrace your inner superhero and create a cape that reflects your own super powers
and abilities.


Critter Dipping / La Chasse Aux Bibittes

Critter Dipping is a fun activity of discovery for children of all ages. Discover what creatures live in the murky water of ponds and wetlands. Let’s see how many critters you can find!

La chasse aux bibittes est une activité amusante qui permet aux enfants de tout âge à découvrir les insectes aquatiques qui vivent au fond des marais et étangs à l’aide d’un filet et d’une loupe. Voyons combien de “bibittes” vous pouvez trouver!


Discovery Toys - Teach. Play. Inspire.

Welcome to Discovery Toys, the source for building and nurturing creative thinkers. We strive to incorporate multiple Layers of Learning into our products that stimulate multiple centres in the brain simultaneously -- an experience that promotes both critical thinking AND open-ended imaginary play. Come join in the fun and learning!


Doodle Dangles

Colour your own Dangles – the official Kidsfest mascot.


Downtown Winnipeg Biz (Saturday Only)

Stop by and colour what you would like to see at MiniFest (part of Manyfest) this year.

Eye Spy

Eye spy with my little eye - all the neat things in the container. How many can you see?


Face Painting

Be a lion, a dragon fly or a bunny. Our very dedicated volunteers will paint you up any way you like.


Fit Kids Healthy Kids (Friday and Saturday Only)

A great play zone with activities based on the fundamental movement skills such as running, jumping, throwing and catching.


Hats Off

The special “topper” for the creative kid. Add some personality – glitter, paint, gems and feathers – nothing is too crazy for the top of your head.



It’s a percussion jam! Calling all babies, toddlers and preschoolers - come and explore our collection of instruments in a relaxed setting. You can also meet some of the Winnipeg teachers of the world’s most highly respected music and movement program for children birth to age 7.


Manitoba Baton Twirling Sportive Association (Sunday Only)

Baton twirling is a sport that combines twirling, tossing and catching batons with body movements incorporating dance and gymnastics. Stop by and learn some basic baton tricks like the two hand spin and figure eight twirl and watch baton twirling demonstrations. Enter your name into a draw for a free baton summer camp!


Manitoba Dental Association - Tooth Fairy Saturday (Saturday Only)

A fun and friendly visit with qualified Dentists and a very special guest appearance by the Tooth Fairy.


MTS (Saturday Only)

Capture the moment! Join us at the MTS tent and you can go home with your own photo strip to remind you of the memories you created at Kidsfest. Add some fun props to celebrate your day, and we’ll capture your smiles. We’re with you.


Music for Young Children®

Visit our activity centre and discover the joy of MYC®!

We provide the best quality music education to young children by blending the pleasure and the joy of music making with sound instruction.



Take a trip through history with Parks Canada at the Variety Heritage Adventure Park. Join us for crafts, colouring and more, then journey through the Adventure Park! Scale the Fort Gibraltar walls, ride in the Red River Cart, or hop aboard The Countess of Dufferin train and imagine travelling across the sunny prairies.


Photo Booth

Say CHEESE! How crazy can you dress up with the various props and make silly, goofy faces?

(Please note that we will have a volunteer taking pictures at the Photo Booth and we will be posting them on our website and social media sites. If you do not wish to have your picture made public please just let the volunteer know. And of course you are more than welcome to take your own pictures - great opportunity to be part of our Candid Kids contest.)


Play with Clay

Play, mold, squish and giggle. Tons of creative fun for the child in all of us.


Prairie Exotics

Prairie Exotics will have a number of their exotic critters on display for you to discover and enjoy. You can even touch a dragon or snake if you like. Come by to check out the interesting creatures and other things like shed skins, bones and more!


Recycle Everywhere

Recycle Everywhere is Canada's first province-wide away from home beverage container recycling program. We've partnered with communities, schools, businesses, provincial parks, community centres and events throughout Manitoba. We help choose the best Recycle Everywhere bin for the space free of charge and partners bring the recovered beverage containers to a nearby recycler. Together with our partners, we are reducing greenhouse gas emissions, enabling new products to be made and reducing litter in the streets and parks.


Stamp It

Tons and tons of fun with stamps in a wide variety of patterns and colours.


Wanna Play with Your Food?

If there was a top 10 list of clichéd parent quotes, "stop playing with your food" would definitely be on it! After years of being told not to play with food – here is the perfect opportunity to do just that.


Winnipeg Art Gallery (Friday and Saturday Only)

Come visit the WAG art tent this summer and create a colourful pinwheel.


What Is It?!?!?

Use your senses - touch, sight and sound to figure out what's in each bucket. Nothing to gunky or gooey - we promise!


Winnipeg Fire Department Fire Safety House

The Fire Safety House provides unique opportunities to teach a wide range of safety programs to the children and families attending the Festival including fire prevention and home escape techniques.


Winnipeg Goldeyes (Saturday and Sunday only)

Come visit Goldie, toss a ball and win some prizes!


Winnipeg Police Service 

The Community Relations Division of Winnipeg Police Service is on-site to interact and explain some of the many tasks that police officers perform. 


Winnipeg Public Library Tent (Sunday Only)

TD-Summer Reading Club 2016

Summer reading - just for the fun of it!
Visit the library tent and get creative with easy book-making crafts.
Discover all the free special events coming to the library this summer.
Relax with a few great books and re-charge your energy!


Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

Children can participate in the Instrument Petting Zoo where they get the opportunity to touch and play the instruments of the orchestra. Also includes a craft station and musical activities.